Welcome to another boat building project. This site will take you along the different steps of building a 26 foot racing sailboat. Sport Boats as they are now called are very expensive and out of reach for many people. The DIDI 26 is one of the best design available for the amateur builder. It is a light boat with large sails and a bulb keel. Dudley Dix did an excellent job with his DIDI line of boats.   There are many projects of other amateur builders .  The DIDI 26 offers good performance and provide good accommodation for the weekend cruise. Being a trailerable boat makes it extremely versatile for either racing venues and cruising destinations.

I will continue updating the site and discuss the boat's sailing performance and its other qualities.  Click on some of the pictures for better clarity. Any questions or comments, email: Marc Beaupre.


Building a Sport Boat  DIDI 26